What the hell just happened?

My friend and I were swimming at the ocean (we live on the atlantic ocean) towards the bouy... ugh it's always the bouy that's foreshadowing. This is scary.. we live in the northeastern united states so i would assume tropical fish dont really hang out in that type of habitat but I could be wrong? All of a sudden these small probably about 4 inch long tropical looking fish that are dark gray with white stripes start chasing us in groups of 2-3! it was freaky! we were scared that maybe a shark was nearby since there was word of sharks being in the area. They chased us and kept poking us until we made it to the shallow water where the waves were. This was pretty freaky. What kind of fish would that be? They looked kind of like Blackspot Sergeant fish however where I live isn't their habitat. Soo confused, but has anyone ever been chased by fish before? Why would they chase us literally right out of the water o_O so scary.


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  • Maybe they just didn't like you

    • Lol thats mean of those fishies if thats the case!

  • Some fish are territorial.

    Or they were valiantly herding you away from the Great White they knew was approaching.

    • Lmao the underdog heroes of the sea.

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