I am working 2 exhausting jobs. Should I leave one?

I have been working as a waitress with the same company for 2 years and I was quite happy until the manager stopped giving us food and tips, but still , all the staff is friendly so that makes the place nice.

This summer I started working with children. It is a job that I am so happy with although it is exhausting. But it fullfills me with happiness and also pays much better than the waitress job.

I decided to keep both jobs as the second job is in the morning and the other in the evening.

Now whenever i have been doing the 2 jobs in a day i am feeling really exhausting and in the morning i am waking up dizzy.
I was thinking about leaving the waitress job as the other one is with the contract and i still love it.

The thing that's keeping me from doing this is because i only work as a waitress in summer till the end of September as then i will go to college. So should i leave right now? Or should i wait till the end of September to do so?

Any ideas please?

( i work 4 hours in the children job and 6 or more hours dependa on the people aa a waitress)

  • leave the waitress job immediatly
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  • leave in September
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  • leave one yes. humans should have discretion. money are not worth more than your health... .


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  • If you can afford it, quite one of the jobs, enjoy the rest of your summer and start fresh for fall semester


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  • My dad like to say "you can do anything for 3 months".

    But if it is seriously messing with your wellbeing (sounds like it might be), maybe you should think about leaving.

    make sure you are eating enough and drinking enough water. Or perhaps the waitressing job could be cut down to less hours?