Flat mate always litters, what is the solution?

While all others wants to stay clean, one flat mate always litter!

Example: If he drinks a coffee, just throws the empty packet on floor... and when we say don't do it, blames us saying we have a mental disorder being over clean!

What's wrong with him? Or is it us wrong?


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  • This is why I don't do roommates. I'd end up in prison, AND ORANGE DOES NOT LOOK GOOD ON ME!

    • Luckily the room is not shared. living area only :)

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    • Haha terminology difference :)

    • Yup 😁 thanks for mho bro

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  • Start picking up all the litter he leave and putting it in his room. Then you can tell him, he has a mental disorder for minding his own litter being near him. :-)


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  • God, I hate people like that. Kill him.

  • Sounds like a ass to me, if ur seriously annoyed, tell him if he keeps on he can find someone else or somewhere else to live because u shouldn't have to put up with that shit. Personally I would do that, tell him pick it up or move on out

    • The issue is i have no choice. Other people are assigned by administration :(

    • Report it to them then and they will sort him/her out