Is there any English people here?

just curious, how do you feel, if anything, about the former British colony, Hong Kong?


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  • I'm English. I don't really know much about Hong Kong as a British colony, so I've never thought about it. So I don't really feel anything about it.


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  • It is one of the greatest places on Earth.


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  • Londoner, I think Hong Kong is pretty cool tbh!
    I'd imagine you guys would rather be under the Crown and Democracy, rather than under China's rule, no?

    I don't know much, but I do know China is far from the best country in the world.

    • lol, i think you are damn right, most people here under age 30 just absolutely hate the authoritative regime that is China, which s rotting away everything that is great about Hong Kong.

      We Hong Kong people are too proud to be ruled by white people again but then it just doesn't compute with us who were brought up with the idea of freedom and a proper legal system to be ruled by a stupid backward authoritative gangster regime. The general consensus here is that: how can China be so stupid so wrong and so evil? why don't they get it that Hong Kong cannot be ruled by a mob like that?

      but that's ok, there very fact that we are repelling against them is the clearest sign that Hong Kong isn't China.

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