Shouldn't I be allowed to choose where I want to go?

My mum said I should go to Guatamala over the rest of this summer, but I've been pretty adamant that I want to try out things in the US or Canada. She pretty much wouldn't take no for an answer and hung up on me after a while.

Why can't I have a choice on what I want to do with my life?


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  • It depends of your age and your social behavior like if you act like what she consider as childish irresponsible behavior then it will be normal to not agree on your choices.
    Maybe if you are the younger kid then maybe she still sees yiu you as the little boy.

    • Well I'm neither.

      I just want to go somewhere I'll enjoy and actually learn something... not somewhere that's thousands of miles away and if I don't enjoy myself and have a hard time, I'll be in trouble.

    • Then maybe your parents can't afford it? Well I don't know how the situation is but parents mostly refuse things if they judge that they won't fit their child. Maybe you should ask her or have a chat with her like maybe the way you tell her "no" is wrong :)

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  • I just returned from over a year in Guatemala. What is her argument in favor of going to this ULTRA violent, corrupt, and crime ridden place?

    • It's this camp thing. Just a bunch of Brits going over there. I speak fluent Spanish, so the language barrier isn't a big deal. I've been to South America before... I know Guatemala is more Central America though.

      I'm worried about crime and corruption too, but my mum seems oblivious.

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    • Yes, you are both correct. I was wrong about it being Nicaragua, I had it confused with its neighbor to the east.

    • Opps, that geography didn't come out right. Lol. Should have said West.

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  • How old are you? if you are 18+ you should have a choice yes, I agree.

  • Although the US does have crime and violence, your more likely to find it less frequent then if you went down there.

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