Can you describe your overall opinion of the opposite gender and your experiences with them?

This is about dating, relationships, sex, friendships, social, professional, family, everything.

What is the generic opinion you have of the opposite sex?


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  • I've met a few good ones. The rest of them however... i'll just keep that to myself

    • Why only a few?

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    • I get out about 2-3 times a week lol. I won't have as much time to go out though starting next week because i go back to school :( How about you?

    • I go to work and for a walk into town but that's it. In a month, I'm going back to college and I won't know anyone because I had to tak a year out and my year has graduated. :/

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  • I don't want to do this because my opinion is very negative.


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  • I think women do what they can to protect the preconception that they're considerate, nurturing, gentle and sensitive.. but that's all bullshit and they're just people, they can be just as shitty as men and often are.

    • Why do you think they have that preconception? Why do they try to keep it?

  • As compared to my own? I'd say the differences arise mainly from two things. Women have many instincts which pull them in opposite directions at the same time. They are drawn to two things at once which either don't normally occur together or are contradictions.

    The other thing is they are in a disadvantaged position vis-a-vis men. Their disadvantages arise from various sources, cultural and biological. Being disadvantaged they naturally try to bend the rules in their favor. They naturally at the same time deny this and invent elaborate explanations why it is not so or why it is necessary to make things 'truly fair'.

    I understand this and it doesn't bother me. I like them anyway, they are dealing with a bad hand the best they can.

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