Why is his mom Twitter stalking me? He and I aren't dating. The only way she knows me is cause he has told her about me. And out of the blue she knew?

She knew my name and grade, so yeah now she's basically Twitter stalking me?


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  • hmmmmm i believe HE asked his mom to do this... in order to not make it obvious u know ;)

    • Lol, id doubt he told her to stalk me. But I'm pretty sure he's asked her approval for a possible future. You see he's going to college and he's got his younger brothers and mom watching out for me while he's gone. But I don't know why she stalking me. 😂😅

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    • Idek it's weird

    • thanks :)

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  • She has nothing better to do.


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  • he told her fam, you get me fam?


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