Do you really think Hulk Hogan is a racist?

For those of you who don't know, Hulk Hogan who is arguably the greatest wrestler of all time was sensationally dumped from WWE and had any trace of him removed from the WWE website including all merchandise and WWE has even ordered all third party manufacturers of anything Hulk Hogan related to cease production and remove all products from shelves both online and in store.
This level of shunning from WWE hasn't been seen since Chris Benoit double murder suicided his family which makes it seem like Hogan could be a bit hard done by.

The reason for WWE's reaction is content from a leaked sex tape which was recorded 8 or 9 years ago during the lowest point of Hulk Hogan's life where he even contemplated suicide. The tape shows Hulk Hogan dropping the "N" bomb several times in relation to a deal regarding his daughters music career and a black male involved in that deal.

So do you think Hogan who has or had a reputation for being one of the nicest and most inclusive people on the planet really is a racist or do you think he's a victim of the circumstances he was facing at the time which affected his judgement?

  • The guy is clearly a racist
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  • Just a mistake at the lowest point of his life and he deserves forgiveness.
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  • everyone has some type of bias because nobody is perfect just because he used the word, i think not much is wrong with it, because he didn't use it to someones face and other people use it everyday jokingly


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  • No I don't think he is! I despise racism! I think people that are racist are disgusting people. However, the world has become so sensitive today that saying one thing can be called racism! Skin color should not matter. We are all people. We all have brains, organs, and a soul. Get rid of the race names. African Americans are not different than americans. Sure they may have darker skin, but they still have a brain, a heart, and a soul

  • I love racism apologia. It's so illogical.

    • I agree

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    • And they might have rude names for white people, but they are not oppressed. White people hold the most power in the world. A rude name doesn't erase hundreds of years of a power structure.

    • I appreciate your input.

  • No he's not but he made a stupid mistake and so he must take the proper consequences.

    • Yes, just like all of us. I think they've taken his consequences a bit too far though

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    • Yes. The racist comments are from a leaked sex tape from 8 or 9 years ago filmed during a period of his life where he contemplated suicide.

    • Oh if he hadn't said those things in it then he would have been fine xD

      But he's still rich so eh he'll be okay.

  • He's an actor on a drama about wrestling, not an actual wrestler. Any actual wrestler reading your question should be offended.

    • No they shouldn't. His "acting" has caused him to need two full knee reconstructions, two hip replacements, 9 back surgeries and countless broken noses.

      Also, sometimes back in his day before professional wrestling went mainstream largely due to him, only the result was predetermined, the rest was an actual fight.
      He knocked out a guy in Japan during one of these types of matches.

  • NEVER has been before dude
    Let's put your/my life on a camera that everyone wants to watch & see what they label you/me after a few mistakes.

    • I totally agree

    • a better question in same vein might be about the Bachelorette

    • You should ask it

What Guys Said 2

  • To an extent, yes. He doesn't have a problem with black people in general, he just doesn't want his daughter dating one... unless, as he stated, the black man is 8 foot tall, plays basketball and has a networth of $100000.

    • Just a typical dad if you ask me

    • It should also be pointed out that he was also in a dark period and most likely intoxicated when he made those comments

  • If you hurt my friends then you hurt my pride I gotta be a man I can't stand aside. I am a real American fight for the rights of everyman.