Is more than 3 years too much to be in community college to attempt to transfer?

Just curious, I'm already almost on my third year but still have several of classes left to take and at this moment, the most amount of classes I'm capable of taking per semester is two classes since I'm too busy with work and an extracurricular.

I plan on taking 2 classes per fall and spring semester and 1 class per summer semester to transfer as soon as possible. I have the feeling that it might take me up to 4.5 years for me to finish all of my prequisite classes to transfer to ASU for Software Engineering/Computer Science because of the many things that I'm very busy with outside of college education.

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  • Not necessarily. Don't get caught up in the hype of titles. Here's the truth about college...
    It's a billion dollar industry constructed to take a significant amount of your salary for a majority of your life. Yes, four year colleges come with absolutely amazing, wonderful opportunities and possibilities. However, college is a business. Getting you to sign up for hefty student loans and grants is making some people rich. Therefore, community college is an excellent way to transition into a collegiate career ESPECIALLY if you are unsure of what you would like to pursue. Community college is also a really great place to solidify one of the most expensive financial commitments of your life. Take this time to decide if you want to leave the state and what places/cultures captivate you. Community college can give you such a flexible schedule as well meaning if you work hard, you can save up a ton of money for your four year college journey.

    Don't believe the hype. You're doing this the smart way. Many people jump into four year colleges and end up owing over $25,000 in debt before they're even 22. Yet still don't have a degree, a career, or a satisfying salary.

    • Yeah. After I'm done with community college, I have considered taking a break from all the hard work done in order for me to transfter, for maybe a semester or a year, and then transfer to University. I just hope this one semester or one year gap doesn't affect my college transferring process negatively.

    • Go for it! Many people end up going back to school at a later age anyway. College is one of the most major financial commitments you will ever have so choose carefully and make sure it's worth it :)

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  • Are you a junior now? I have heard most colleges and universities only accept freshmen and sophomores, and if you want to transfer as a junior student, you have to voluntarily give up some credits you earned before to enter as a junior.
    (I transferred to Wesleyan University from the College of the Holy Cross as junior, and like many other colleges and universities, they do not accept more than 16 credits, equaling to around 60 credits in National Research Universities.)


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  • No, people take longer to finish their degrees these days. The majority of people take at least 6 years to get their Bachelor's. And with community college, there's probably an even higher percentage of people who are going part-time than at a university so I think more than 2-3 years before transferring is pretty typical.


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  • nah fam nah, you get me?