How do you feel about police officers?

I personally hate pigs for different reasons than what most people say.

My main issue with them are their elevated sense of self importance. I get that as a pig your job is to command a situation, but my personality is very anti-authority, so no matter who tries to take charge I don't comply; I don't play nice with others, you could say. I'm not completely disrespectful as I know all a pig has to do is 'interpret' a situation as something and then it's their word vs. yours, but I do enough to communicate that I don't care about their authority and if I don't want to speak I don't actually have to.

Another problem I have with them is how well protected they are when they fuck up. I don't like that SERVANTS OF THE PUBLIC can get away with shooting people dead with the snap of the fingers, and sometimes with only a week suspension while they 'investigate'. It's disgusting; It's not beneficial for the public in the slightest.

I also don't like how poorly screened they are for mental and emotional stability, and how poorly trained a lot of them are when dealing with high stress situations. A lot of these shootings happen because the officer is scared, and allowing someone weak like that around something as dangerous as a firearm is not excusable.

Not only that, but they kill people's pets.

Why do you hate/love pigs? Lemme know!

Note: Before any of you try to deflect with 'who do you call when you're in trouble' or 'replace cops with what?', I've never had to call the cops for shit and I have no problem with policing but the current state of policing.


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  • I do not believe anyone has authority over me other than myself. I am scared by the amount of power they possess, but lucky for me I am White so my confrontations with them are limited.


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  • Everyone I know who hates and judges police literally lick their assholes when they're in trouble

    I had a friend who constantly judged them and had no respect for them and then he was in big trouble with another lad thretening to stab his and then he was like 'I love the police' then the next day he was back to 'I hate them'

    So all you police hating di**s don't lick their assholes when you're in trouble

    Also 'those shooting people dead' instintes will be to protect them... I remember looking at a video of police shooting a guy and everyone was crying in the comments moaning about randomly killing people but I heared closely the guy had a gun and was about to pull it out...

    Would you let someone shoot you? No obviously.

    • Just as I thought, someone using the 'you'll love them when you're in trouble' deflection. I got into a fight with a guy and told the cop that was called to fuck off, so you can add me to the negligible percentage of people who don't lick their assholes when they're in trouble.

      Since you want to use an incident where lethal force was necessary, allow me to point you in the direction of Jonathan Ferrell who was shot 10 times for wanting to call the paramedics after being in a car accident, or my own anecdotal evidence of a police officer chasing after kids, hearing a muffler backup, which caused him to fire 20 rounds off into pitch darkness, 3 of which entered random civilians homes.

      I wouldn't let someone shoot me, but I also wouldn't shoot an unarmed man, nor would I kneel on their faces and suffocate them. Again, there's nothing wrong with policing, but there is something wrong with the system.

    • In any type of service.. You will come across massive assholes regardless if its policing or nursing even some teaches are bbad at what they do.

      Don't let negitive people influence your opinion on stuff like policing.

      For example.. there's been a lot of teachers having sex with the students (especally where I'm from) but I bet most of humaity don't view 'teachers' as bad and I've seen a lot more negitive 'news' about teachers then police.

      Somethings wrong in the 'system'?

      We live in a world were we judge people for the way the look/dress...

      We kill eachother because of beliefs and opinions and for likes and dislikes... KILL... We kill for resources in the Earth...

      Millions of humans are dying of thrist.. Fucked up dirty water even though we have enougg to hydrate and feed 100% of our population...

      Humans are fucked up