Can love at first sight be someone you already know?

So say you've known or seen this person around and you either talk, don't talk, whatever. Then one day you both look at each other and suddenly you fall in love like it's first sight, even though you know them. So you all of a sudden fall in love with a person that you already know. Is this possible? I know love at first sight is true because it has been scientifically proven. But what about someone you didn't have feelings for before? So is it possible?


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  • This is stupid!

    1. If you already know the person, it's not "first sight."

    2. "Love at first sight has been scientifically proven." Really? Show me the proof, please.

    3. Do you have any idea what love is? Love is not the same thing as lust. You can't possibly love someone that you don't know; If you see someone who you have never previously met and you instantly think you are in love, you are actually in love with some idea you have created in your head about who this person is.

    There's a great myTake posted at present about what love really is. You should read it.

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