Why do almost all women look down after we make eye contact?

I say almost because some women will look away completely when I make eye contact, but a lot of them will actually look down when we do.



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  • Eye contact has a way of pursuing dominance.

    The least dominant person usually looks down.

    The least dominant people tend to be shy or not very talkative people.

    Try to strike up a conversation and see where it goes.
    You may be surprised at the feedback you get.

    Sometimes the person may even come out of their she mm pursuing more eye contact and talking back.

    People make eye contact everyday and usually we think nothing of it


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  • I will speak for myself
    Eye contact is so important but also irritating like you feel like that guy is looking right through your body and see your soul and secrets, also, it is so intimate I don't find words to describe it we just end up looking everywhere but into the guy'ems eyes. Sometimes when we have feelings for them we just get scared that if he looks into our eyes he will know.. Well I hope I helped to clarify it ^_^"

  • staring intensely is awkward, rude or weird

    • WTF are you on about lol?

      I don't stare, I look because I'm confident enough...

    • Oh I thought you maintained a strong eye contact like staring

  • We don't want to get sucked into your pool of bs lol I really don't know

  • Sorry, I'm shy.


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