Is it wrong that I resent my parents for not going to college?

I grew up living below average means. My parents never went to college. In response I had a childhood that was inadequate.. I couldn't afford clothes.. couldn't afford healthy foods. I couldn't go straight to a 4 year university after high school. They wonder I resent them. if I ever start a family or decide to have children I'll make sure I'll have the funds to do so. I think it's so irresponsible.


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  • You can only hold on to resent for so long...
    What good with that do?
    There's so much people who came from the life you had,
    only to make great success out of it.
    You can only blame people for so long... before those same fingers are pointed back to you.
    Your past is gone... you can't get it back.
    But what you do have is the now.
    Work towards something.
    Become someone great in life.
    There assistance programs set up for people like you who can't afford to go to College.
    Have you ever thought of financial aid?
    You can only blame someone for so long before you become the problem.
    Being angry at someone takes too much negative energy.
    Use that amount of force into doing something positive.
    You are capable!


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  • wow, can you be any more ungrateful? Surely you should be thankful you had a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in and food on the table. There are many kids, even in the developed world who dont have that luxury.

    it also seems like your making a lot of excuses for not bettering yourself. what was stopping you from earning money to pay for uni?

    My parents were poor when i was growing up. My clothes were hand me downs from my older brother, which my parents bought from charity shops. We didn't have the best food, but at least had food. Neither of my parents went to college and I dropped out of school at 15. I worked shit jobs to make ends meet, and joined the army at 20. I left in late 2011 and went to college in 2012. I passed college and now im at uni.

    Trust me, if your not where you want to be, its not your parents fault. its yours for not trying. Dont take offense to that, but its the truth.

    • I went into the Marine Corps lying about having asthma so I could get my GI Bill. Ended up getting caught and kicked out for fraud enlistment. Came back had to work full time to help support my two younger sisters because my dad is a drunk and my mom is lazy. You know how difficult undergrad engineering is? Yeah try that and working full time and I'm sure there are plenty of guys who say that they could do it but for most it's doubtful.

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  • I understand where you're coming from. My mother never went to college either and now she can't get a decent job because of it and has to work two entry level jobs. For a while I did resent that decision but then I remembered she never wanted to work and wanted to be a housewife so that made sense on why she didn't go. I also realised that despite this, she has been a good mother and works so hard to provide and make sure that I *did* go to college to hopefully have a better life than her. I think you should give your parents more credit, they may regret the decision themselves but you can help them out by doing better than they did. I learned you shouldn't resent them, they're your parents and they probably tried as hard as they could.

    • I'm starting college at 22 I feel like they robbed me of that opportunity because I had to help the family and work full time and it was selfish for me to just not work and go to school.

    • Perhaps you need to look at it in a different light. There is no age for going to college, I have 40 year olds in my classes. You worked full time for a while, that's a nice amount of experience gained for your resume and for college. You also helped your family out, I'm sure they appreciate that. You're starting college now and that is the most important thing for now.

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  • Harsh dude - I am sure they did their best for you maybe if you worked harder at school you might have got a scholarship.

  • eh u r kinda unfair now bro... at least they cared about u... they never abused u or anything right?

    • No never abused but I grew up in a pretty chitty neighborhood and had less opportunities. I wish I could of grew up upper middle class go straight to UC and enjoy my twenties.

    • unfortunately u can't choose WHERE u'll born... unfortunately... :(