There is this girl I really like, she's an alcoholic. I'm worried that she might get into trouble, I can't just tell her to stop. can someone help?

Keep in mind I have no problem with her being an alcoholic, I'm just worried

What I mean by I have no problem is I will still like her and be her friend despite her problem


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  • Okay, you kind of threw me off there.

    Of course you should have a problem with some being an alcoholic... it can cause
    A) Poor decision making - (which can result in serious injury, death of themselves or others around them).
    --Also, overdose
    B) Cancer (eventually if abusing the substance)

    So... yeah... you can't say hey, I'm totally okay with the fact that you're an alcoholic but not okay with the fact you will get in trouble.

    Trouble and substance abuse go hand in hand.

    I think you should talk to her.
    Reach out to an adult if you can.

    You can't physically make her change all you can do is
    tell her your concerns.
    It's up to her if she's ready to make that step or not.

    • What I mean by I don't have a problem with it is I will still like her and be her friend despite her problem

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  • Heavy drinking at such a young age can lead to a multitude of problems, you would be doing her a favour if you told her parents.


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  • You're 14, she's an alcoholic and its fine?
    Hahah, okay

  • Go to Al-Anon and learn how to host an intervention. You might just save her life.


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  • The first thing to accept if you were to be with her is that you would most likely to be powerless to intervene in her addiction, shy of a full blown intervention once she hit her bottom. You'd also have to expect that the alcohol could perhaps always come first, before time or activities with you. Speaking from experience with friends who were addicts, I'd advise you to stay away, or move on. At least till she admits her life is out of control and is not manageable without help and surrender.

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