Does this video creep you out?

Caution: You watch this video at your own risk. DO NOT WATCH AT NIGHT!

This video is a living nightmare.


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  • Well it's around 00:30 here. . . and I'm watching it

    Is this what they call "music" these days ! ? Children. . . I am sorry. This is a abomination. It's worse than (sim city launch) EA and that's saying something

    Oh, it didn't creep me out. Dead space doesn't creep me out, this thing didn't have a chance


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    It reminds your brain of a corpse, and it is a natural instinct for humans to be disgusted by corpses because they can spread diseases to us and make us sick. So it's a survival instinct to be scared of things like that.

    • Yeah...

      Thanks for your comment!!

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    • I love Asimo!!

      I believe that is true.

    • Yeah Asimo is awesome

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