Anyone successful with windows 10 download? my 'get windows 10 icon disappeared today?

as title says.. the icon disappeared just today. when i go to check for updates, it says i have microsoft 10 reserved? anyone with help or knowledge on this? i would have thought id have it by now seeing as its launch day today?


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  • i didn't try since my lap top was very slow with windows 8 lol

    • Windows 10 is a great deal more lightweight than Windows 8 and 8.1 were. If you can run Windows 7 or 8 at all, you should be able to run Windows 10. I find it a good deal faster than both on the same hardware. You may want to give it a try anyway.

      You'll most likely see performance improvement, at least on the build that I *think* is the Release to Manufacturing version, I'm a Windows Insider so your mileage may vary with the actual RTM build.

    • @MIGuy470
      REALLY !!! :O
      dammit ! it's gone :(

      i thought it would never work and never bothered

      oh well..

    • You can still get it for free for a year as long as you have a genuine Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 license.
      You didn't miss out.

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  • I don't yet try it, waiting for SP1
    My Win 7 is OK. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


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  • windows 10 is awesome so far.

    • was it automatic for you? im still waiting?

    • for me yeah, i got it at midnight last night. not automatic upgrade though. you know that icon you used to reserve your windows 10 upgrade? if you can see it click on it and it will tell you if you are ready to upgrade. if you dont see it try to restart your computer

  • The Way that Microsoft is doing this is a staggered release, so not everyone hammers Windows Update or whatever CDN that they're using (Akamai probably) at once. You should probably see it within 24 hours.

    I'm a Windows Insider, so I've been using what you'll be using for about 3 weeks now, you'll like it. Best version of Windows since Windows 2000 in my opinion.

    • even if my get windows 10icon disappeared? im on 8.1 and had it reserved days ago

  • I was an insider so all I got was an early update before the official release date so I'm good to go

  • No, this is typical of Microsoft. lol

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