Organized Vs Disorganized?

Which quote describe you :-

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Organized Vs Disorganized?

(2) Disorganized

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  • I'm disorganized. Except I can only ever find things that way. My mom got mad and cleaned my room once and was like, "Look. All your books are here. All your clothes are here. etc."

    And then I needed a shirt or something and I was like, "Where is it? It's always in a ball in this corner or halfway under the bed in a heap and it's NOT IN EITHER OF THOSE PLACES!"

    It was in the closet on a hanger. Who the heck would have thought to look there? lol

    • I am like your mom, disorganized people drive me mad but you have your own crazy systems that work LoL

  • Definitely disorganized.


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