Am I really this cursed?

So it hasn't been the gratest year neither for my family (economically) or me (emotionally) its been an all round shitty year, however I've had this crush on a girl for a very long time and we started talking a bit at the end of the school year, cuz im shy so it was kinda difficult to before.
We have not talked for about two months since school ended, but my friend told me yesterday that she told him that she wanted me to go to her birthday party, thats gonna be on a really nice place, but guess what my family and i have so many problems that i won't be able to go, and I've been waiting for this chance for years, i feel like utter shitt now. :(


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  • oh shit... it was wrong timin actually... that's even worse.

    anyway... not everything's shitty in my opinion. she likes u doesn't she? so can u xplain to her wot's goin on wid u and yer family so she'd understand better, and not make her feel disappointed dat u won't come to her party?

  • That is unfortunate - Sent her a card and a small present to open lines of communication again

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