Realistically, who do you think will actually become the next president of the USA?

NO opinions, NO emotions, NO I WANT TO HAVE HIM OR CIVIL WAR. As objectively as possible and based solely on observations and recent developments, who do you realistically think will become the next president of the USA?


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  • Emotionally I would love for it to come between Sanders and Paul. I know it won't because Sanders is a democratic socialist and that's like a swear word in America still. Paul won't make it because he's a libertarian and not a traditional conservative. It will come down to Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and I'm unsure of which GOP candidate will make it to the 'finals'. The problem with the GOP is that there's SOOO much fighting within the party. Democrats are more united. There's still the libertarian vs. traditional conservative fighting for the soul of the GOP and I think that will hurt them immensely in the coming election as it has in recent years.

    Bill Clinton was a VERY popular president and there will be people who vote for Hillary for that reason alone. Hell I know people like this. Hillary will probably expound some of the same policies that made her husband so popular.

    List of GDP growth by president:
    1. Clinton, 1993-2001, $2.7 trillion.
    2. George W. Bush, 2001-2009, $1.7 trillion.
    3. Reagan, 1981-1989, $1.6 trillion.
    4. Johnson, 1963-1969, $741 billion.
    5. Nixon, 1969-1974, $628 billion.
    6. Eisenhower, 1953-1961, $484 billion.
    7. Carter, 1977-1981, $461 billion.
    8. George H. W. Bush, 1989-1993, $401 billion.
    9. Obama, 2009-2012, $325 billion
    10. Kennedy, 1961-1963, $310 billion.
    11. Ford, 1974-1977, $261 billion.
    12. Truman, 1945-1943, $231 billion.

    Adjust that list for inflation rates and it becomes:
    1. Johnson, 5.2 percent.
    2. Kennedy, 4.2 percent.
    3. Clinton, 3.9 percent.
    4. Reagan, 3.4 percent
    5. Carter, 3.2 percent.
    6. Eisenhower, 2.9 percent.
    7. Nixon, 2.8 percent.
    8. Ford, 2.5 percent.
    9. George H. W. Bush, 2.1 percent.
    10. George W. Bush, 2 percent.
    11. Truman, 1.2 percent.
    12. Obama, 0.3 percent.

    As usual it will come down to which legacy wins out. The right wing will constantly spout about the economic legacy of Reagan and the left will talk about the economic legacy of Clinton. As usual the GOP will win the majority white male vote (as they always do) and the left will take most of everything else. Unless the GOP can reach out to more communities including but not limited to the growing Hispanic community and African-Americans, which I see as pretty unlikely, we will be looking forward to another very close running. The US is becoming more socially liberal so the same policies usually expounded by the GOP may hurt them instead of help them.

    The top issues will be economics and gay marriage I'm predicting.


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  • Hillary Clinton

    But I'm so holding out hope for Bernie Sanders

    • I think if people stop treating him like he can't win, but I like what he has to say, he can win! I find too many people, from both parties even! Who say they love how genuine he is and even support his policies, but he can't win simply because Americans can't accept an openly socialist president, they all are, we all are socialist.

    • I would pass out pins and rally for Bernie. If he came to my state to speak, I would go to hear him speak.
      Great way to think about it.
      Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

  • I don't look much into the republican side since it's hard keeping track of so many candidates but I think it will be

    Hilary vs Trump vs another republican vs Bernie sanders (maybe)

    Random Republican
    Trump: 3rd party
    Bernie 3 party

    • Doubtful Bernie would run 3rd party if he didn't get the nom, especially if it turns out Trump runs solo. If Trump did that, he'd bury the GOP. Bernie would probably sit back and let the Dem nominee sweep up.

  • Don't mind me, I'm just a South Asian girl passing by xD I just want to read everyone's opinion, aha xD

  • Its going to be Donald vs Hillary in my opinion and I hope Donald wins.

  • Hillary clinton

    • she's mentally retarded!

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    • Hell no... fuck hamster hair trump. I will cry and kill myself if he becomes president. He is racist too.. he still doesn't believe obama is American.. he is a retard

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  • Well it really depends on who the republican party chooses as their candidate. If its some radical they will lose.

    But... if they pick someone like Scott Walker or Marco Rubio it will probably be a landslide victory.
    In all honesty this country is done with the democratic party, they have to much of a bad reputation. Especially with the Clinton family and Bernie Sanders is more of a backstage player; anyone else that hasn't come to the stage yet will probably not stand much of a chance.
    However, many people view some republican candidates as radical which is why its important that they pick a more centered candidate.

    This can be seen through a recent study that showed that most of the swing states are being cleaned up by Marco Rubio and Scott Walker.

    (this is as objective as i can be)

    • That's not going to happen.

      Problem with the GOP is that their base is fanatical. They've forced out moderates who've held seats in swing states for years to replace them with hard liners, and any candidate they put out that might be reasonable gets shouted down immediately. They've moved the center line so drastically to the right that Reagan and Bob Dole would be considered Democrats by modern standards. They're practically accusing their current establishment members of being Democrats today.

      Last week, maybe two weeks ago, Gallup released data showing the GOP at their lowest approval rating ever recorded (28%). Dems are close to their lowest recorded as well, but their favorability is still 15 points higher than the GOP.

      The problem Dems have is messaging and organization. If they solve that, they'll win, barring some catastrophic scandal. Whether that happens? Remains to be seen.

    • But you forget how much people disapprove of President Obama, believe it or not but the majority of americans have had enough with the democratic party. They were blatantly lied to about the insurance, taxes have sky rocketed, the middle class is being hammered on by the democrats, and many blame Obama for the killings of thousands in the middle east by Islamic radicals.

      Like i stated before, if the Republican Party chooses Scott Walker or Marco Rubio or any of their other more centered candidates they will win. It has already been proven in the swing states that the democrats just dont hold a light to the republicans. This of course could be based on any number of things but i believe the main factor is Obama's almost complete failure as president.

  • I'm probably not going to vote. Politics don't interest me, most of them lie and are controlled by people with big pockets. Voting too me just seems like rolling the dice.

    That being said I think Hilary will win because people really want a woman president. I do think a lot of people will be biased for her simply because they like the idea of having the first female president.

    • that's what i had thought too

    • Pity all the feminists don't know she accepted a $5 million donation to her charity for women's rights from a serial sexual abuser with two rape allegations against him. Or that she bragged about getting a guy off rape charges when she was a lawyer.

  • Honestly, at this point it's a toss-up. With a full investigation into Clinton's email scandal and the scandal of what Trump said that no one else would say, I think the field is pretty even at this point. We will have to wait until the beginning of next year to get more of an idea

  • Personally, I want Rand Paul to win, but because he's not an establishment candidate he won't win the GOP nomination. I'm going to narrow it down to Hillary Clinton and Scott Walker and since everyone's sick of Hillary's shit, Walker will be our next president.

    • nice, i think that too

    • I don't know how Bush is up in the polls, I would love to meet the people they are asking because I have yet to meet any. So Bush is out. If Trump wins the nomination (which I don't think he will) he will most definitely lose to Hillary. And if, God forbid, Sanders wins the Dem nomination (which I don't think he will since he is not an establishment candidate) he will lose to the Republican. It's all about who the media will ignore, and who the media will be biased to. That's what happened to Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012.

  • First I am non American and I don't have inside track - In things like this I usually look to bookies market as a guide they have Hillary out in front with Jeb a bit behind then the two of them ahead of rest ( Again must point out this is Irish/UK bookies )

  • I don't know but i really hope its jim webb.. check out his website and see what he's about. i love his views on drugs. treat drugs like cigarettes

  • Putin (filler)

  • Bernie Sanders. so long as people stop saying 'I like the guy and what he says, but he can't win' He can win, if we stop treating him as such.

    P. S. good luck with no fights on here lol

  • TRUMP FOR 2016!!! LETS GO TRUMP!!! you get me fam?

  • i don't even know who's running. i'll with al gore

  • Clinton =/

  • me.

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