How will Officer Ray Tensing's indictment go?

I am from Cincinnati, Ohio, and front license plates are NOT (rarely, if ever) enforced. My parents and I do not have plates on our cars, but we aren't black. Black people usually get pulled over because cops disciminate and think they are doing something wrong.

poiler: Officer Tensing pulls over Dubose, Dubose says he didn't have his license on him, then Tensing tells Dubose to take off his seatbelt. Dubose freaks out because Tensing is opening his door, and tensing pulls out his gun and execution style fatally shoots him in the head.

Dubose is dead and his foot is on the pedal and the car drives until it crashes while the lifeless body is slouched in the seat of the car.

How do you think this situation will turn out?

Tensing has be indicted by the grand jury for murder.

  • Officer Ray Tensing is screwed.
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  • Negligent homicide
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WATCH LIVE: Former University officer Ray Tensing appears in court for arraignment


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  • You're account of the incident is a *little* off LOL. You're obviously black, though, so I guess it's to be expected.

    Tensing is going to walk. Dubose became a danger to Tensing and the public at large when he decided to run in his car, so I wouldn't blame any cop for pulling his weapon and trying to stop him.

    • I'm not black.

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    • The prosecutor is a bleeding heart who refused to indict the black mob that beat his white son on hate-crime charges. He's not thinking clearly here, because proving a murder charge against this cop isn't going to be possible given the requirement to prove intent.

    • I'm not black, but just like white people, yellow people, and red people, I love black people just like any other ethnicity. Justice, liberty and equality are necessary regardless of your race.

      And yes, #blacklivesmatter, too.

  • oh shit that's awful... so would they turn a blind eye if he wasn't black?

    anyway he deserves not only to rot in jail but he should suck black cocks daily for da rest of his life as for punishment for wot he did...

    • Not sure how the gun got out and how he pulled the trigger so quickly when making a Call of Duty headshot.

    • @hikerdude "You wouldn't have this emotional investment in this case nor would you be posting #blacklivesmatter hashtags if you weren't black."<---- i'm white and i respect black people as well... i don't consider 'em less than humans

  • @hikerdude I'm white (and *GASP* conservative)... And I'm appalled at the video. Black people should have saved the rage they wasted on the Brown case for this one. Unlike that case, this guy straight up executed the guy at point blank ON VIDEO.

  • wow that judge doesn't fuck around. what a bitch.