DECODING TEXTS: Guys- please please help me decode this texting exchange between me and this guy? What exactly is his deal?

*After three months of no contact*
Me: Small world, met a doctor that knows you earlier today!
Him: Oh wow! That is a small world. What is the doctors name? How are you doing?
Me: Sally Winterwood? I'm doing good.
Him: I know her! She's awesome! Absolutely love her. I'm glad to hear that. I know you've been going through a rough time. I never stopped keeping you in my thoughts.
Me: I like her as well. She is very interesting to talk to! Thanks. I am thankful for every prayer and thought.
Him: Why is she interesting to talk to? I'll have your back girl. We need to get together very soon and catch up.
Me: I like her take on things. I appreciate the sentiment. Yes we do! Hopefully before the fall semester starts. I am available 11am-3pm most every day for the rest of this month. Just let me know what works for you.
Him: Different perspectives are always interesting! I'm free all day Monday and Wednesday to meet? Where do you want to meet?
Me: Great. Let's do Wednesday at 3pm? I don't care. I live near K-mart now. We could meet up at the Starbucks close by?
Him: That time works! I'm free then. I'm down for some coffee. When did you move there?
Me: Great see you then! I moved shortly after my sister's injury.
*The following week, two hours before we are supposed to meet*
Him: Good afternoon, I'm going to need a rain check for today. I still have a bunch of things I'm moving from my apartment. Can we look at next week
Me: That's fine. Good luck moving everything!
Him: *marked read, but didn't respond*

Things to know: We're friends with some history. He's been dating a girl for about 6 months now. I cut all contact with him for more than three months. This is the second time he has wanted to get together. I stalled it the first time. He has never texted me in such a formal tone before. Also, my sister got injured badly and I have been a mess for the last few months. He wasn't there for me even though he was the first and only person I reached out to and is now texting "I'll have your back"... What's his deal? Why ask to get together and then do a raincheck two hours before in such a formal tone? What does this sound like?


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  • Sounds like he got caught up in something more important and that's all!

    Maybe text him again to see if he's serious about seeing you next week. If he makes plans but puts them off again then you can be sure that he really is just avoiding you.


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  • im not even gonna pretend like i know the answer. iv had a similar experience and refrained from asking here.
    iv just come to read other views.
    all i can say is be careful.

    • Be careful about what I post on here or be careful about guys like him?

    • about him. be careful because he could just be leading u on without realising.