I want you guys to give me suggestions about blue's music?

right now am listening to Lana del rey and i really like her but i want to add more to my library.


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  • Lana Del Rey's considered blues? huh?

    anyway i can suggest u many genres... wot kind of genre r u lookin for paticularly and from which decade?

    • Same style as lana maybe 😂

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    • U deserve it cause at least you tried to help :D

    • thanks again then :)

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  • Robert Cray
    BB King
    Stevie Ray Vaughn
    Colin James
    Buddy Guy
    Freddie King
    Muddy Waters
    Gary Moore
    Kenny Wayne Sheppard
    Johnny Lang
    Eric Clapton
    John Lee Hooker
    Ray Charles

    These are just a few. Google "Blues Musicians" you will have a huge list.

    • The idea that i dont want to search a lot i just want similar music to lana's music :D