Where can one with a Soc Master's degree work abroad?

I'm a U. S. Recent Graduate school grad.

I am not finding that the work I have been doing is at all in alignment with my career and salary expectations (not enough to live comfortably on). I have sent out over 150 resumes and cover letters for suitable work, but without success. I am on eligibilty lists for Correctional Facilities and Police Departments, but 1. Even those job markets are hilghly competitive, 2. You may have to wait years before hearing anything, and 3. Many of the lists expire after only a short time period. I have a Master of Arts in Sociology with a concentration in research methodology. I'm thinking if I can't find something in the U. S. soon, it may be time to look elsewhere.

My question:
Does anyone with credentials similar (or knowing someone with said similar credentials) have any knowledge pertaining to where in the world (Asia, Europe Australia, etc...) there may be a demand for my experience and education?

Just seeing if anyone has any ideas.


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  • Have u tried to look in London? I'm not sure about your specific area of expertise but generally there are jobs here for everyone. And if the weather doesn't put u off... ;)


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