Acne Solutions?

Hey, I've had acne for a few years now, it's definitley better now than it was but university starts soon and I'd like it to all be gone by then.

Does anyone have any tips like cutting certain things out of your diet, certain products or methods etc?

Any help is appreciated

Thanks :)


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  • Here is my advice when it comes to acne...
    1.) Wash your face often. Like every time you go to the bathroom or wake up / go to sleep, just splash some water on your face. Water is the most basic treatment of acne but it is incredibly helpful.

    2.) Fried food / heavy grease often promotoes acne. However, if you eat pizza of something greasy, make sure you wash your hands after and wash your face where any grease got on it. You don't want to have any spots on your face start breaking out.

    3.) Don't touch your face! This is what I've noticed has caused the most acne breakouts. If you, let's say, try to pop a zit because it is bothering you, legions of zits shall rise up for its fallen brother all around where you squeezed. It is the oils in your hands that do it. Just let things run its natural course. But, if you just gotta pop some huge white-head on a zit, for Pete's sake pop it with clean hands and pop it once and be done. Don't keep coming back to it, or else you'll squeeze the blood vessels and now have a huge noticeable red mark on your face.

    4.) Proactive. If you are sincerely worried about your acne breakout and are willing to spend cash, I sincerely suggest proactive. My sister used it, and it cleared up her acne very nicely. The downside of it is that there is a strict regiment you need to get used to. If you do it though, you'll be amazed how well it works. If you don't have the money for Proactiv though, like I said, just get in the havit of washing your face.

    Well hope this helped a bit! If you need more help or if you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to comment or PM or whatever and I can get back to you asap!
    Good luck getting through acne :D


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  • I'm all for acne guides. I know how it feels trying to get rid of all acne. I tried a lot of the common stuff (clearasil, proactiv) anything my sister got her hands out etc... then I got sick of it. I decided to try not using topical creams and seeing how that would work. I picked up the definitive acne treatment guide, acne no more and I haven't looked back. Fixing my diet, changing some lifestyle attributes... I've finally gotten long lasting results towards perfect skin, and I know exactly how to avoid acne now. My skin was clear after just two weeks. So for anyone else who is leaning towards natural methods, make the jump and try it. It's so much better than fake creams.

  • Here's my myTake on acne (& solutions)

    You should only wash your face like twice a day otherwise you could over dry your skin & it will produce even more pore clogging oil.

    Eating a healthy diet helps a lot. Along with exercise.

    Don't touch your face!

    Use a face wash with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

    Make sure to moisturize but use one that is oil-free.

  • Fried food is definitely a trigger for me and some friends. Also the heat makes my skin act out. You might want to try clindemycin gel, and constantly wash your face to keep it clean?

    • My diet is ok atm, I drink a lot of water too because apparently that helps a lot. I was 3-4 times a day and shower twice a day. I've ordered some stuff with benzoyl peroxide as DoubleCheck suggested, hopefully it helps :)

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  • Yes, someone else asked this the other day. I still use acne medication by the way. People who are older need to use products with benzoyl peroxide, and NOT salicylic acid.

    Here is what I use, and it works great! I also use a light anti-acne cream that I leave on overnight

    • Should I get benzoyl peroxide cream or can you get it in a wash?

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    • Well I don't think the "Neutrogena Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne Cleanser" will work in time, it said it will take over a month to get here and university starts in 6 weeks.

    • Well when you go to a local store just find something with benzoyl peroxide in it

  • Visit a dermatologist

  • use honey and cinnamon powder mix, trust me it works really well