Friends do things to my crush at my expense, and guy stops responding?

I have two friends who say they want me to progress in dating and break out of my shell and make moves, but I move too slow for them. It makes me really upset because every time I mention or don't mention this guy I have a crush on, they feel the need to interrogate me and take my phone to text him or try to force me into calling him.

Just a background detail; I've been texting this guy on and off for months and we don't have long convos just catching up and that's it. He lives about an hour from me. We have only hung out once and every time I try to make plans, he's usually busy or if my friends pressure me to ask him to hang, he usually stops answering.

Last night, she asked about him and I told her were talking on Snapchat a few days ago and she began talking about asking him to hang out since were nearby. I didn't want to do that and she and my other friend started yelling and pressuring me to ask before she grabbed my phone and started calling him my other friend yanked me away (she's a big girl) so my other friend talked to him. She then told me that he was going for a run and he would contact me when he was done. She basically kept my phone and I asked her not to text anything because i felt it would look desperate and she said she wouldn't. My other friend made sure I wasn't near my friend with my phone. When I got my phone back, I saw he responded until she was like 'ugh.. What are you doing after that?' 'I guess I'll just go home 😒' he obviously did not answer.

Last night was my breaking point and I cursed both my friends out and told them not to touch my fucking phone again and mind their own business.

I have anxiety about guys and being rejected. I already expected him to not call back and her texting made me look desperate and now I don't want to text him. How do I get over this anxiety with guys and rejection?


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  • If I was on the other end of this conversation I would want yoi to CALL and explain what they did. If you just text he won't know if it your friends texting him again or if is really you.

    • I would love to do that, but I'm not too sure HOW to explain that...

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    • So I tried calling him and I sent him a text saying hey and he hasn't responded. So I feel shit out of luck now.

    • Yes, just let this one go

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