Should I just go?

I met a girl and we really like each other the problem is distance. So should I just go for her place for 3 days and visit her? I feel little scared to do that.

Please let me know.


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  • No? I'm assuming you just met this girl. Way too soon

    • but how can I go then? Yeah I just met her...

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    • yeah we talk over facebook, but I miss her...

    • you ar first boy who gave me butterflys in my stomach look what she said :)

What Guys Said 1

  • Lots of things
    (1) Where are you , Where is she?
    (2) Can she travel to you?
    (3) Can you afford trip?
    (4) Are you sure everything she says is true?
    (5) Is it safe?
    If you are happy with answers to all of above - I would think about travelling.

    • yeah that's right, I'll wait a little to see how will go on. Then she'll to Netherland which is 10x more expensive, but hei if she'll still like me it's worth traveling to there - love requires sacrifice but it's worth it :)