How to stop being nervous around attractive women?

Ok today a family friend came over to cut a family members hair , I was talking to her while she was waiting for the family member to come home , I was ok. But once she started cutting my family members hair I started to get nervous I admit I like her. How can I stop getting nervous? when I'm around other women I like I'm alright.

why did I get nervous? I was thinking too much I'll try and not think as much


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  • Why did you get nervous only when she starting cutting the hair - If you were able to talk to her one on one beforehand you are fine, a lot of people shy in group situations.

  • You shouldn't worry too much. Go walk on the street and go up to a random woman, and compliment her. "Hi I just wanted to say that you look really lovely, bye"
    As short as that, then if you think that's your limit, you leave it at that. You made her day, and you spoke to an attractive woman.
    Then you can actually start a conversation to get to know her better. They are just human.
    If you're nervous, tell them that you're nevous. Showing that makes them more comfortable around you too