So pissed off man couldt do my 16 mile bike ride because im still in pain from my 14 mile one yesterday! need help fast any tips?

any cream i could put on my ass or me plums im in real pain my flesh feels raw and hurts to sit down, want to get this done asap im tryin to loose weight im doing other things too but i enjoy cycling and find it a nice challenge thank you in advance


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  • How many of these questions are you going to ask? You need better, more supportive pants. Again. Adjust your seat and buy a gel pad to go on top of it. Again.

    Some kind of lotion to ease any raw, rubbed skin will help. Have a hot bath after a long ride, bath salts will help. Because you're new to doing this, your body isn't use to the exertion or movement or muscles being used like that, but it will get better with practice.