Do you still think the Gender Pay Gap exists?

According to sources and statistics women make approx 70 cents for every dollar a man makes. Sometimes meaning a woman will make far less than a man whilst having the same job.

Remember 70 cents and 1 dollar are AVERAGES. That's roughly 20% difference.

HOWEVER, this, being an average, is not enough to suggest a "gap". You are taking the "Average earnings of all men" MINUS "Average earnings of all women".

This average, i. e "the gender wage gap", does NOT account for differences occupations, education and hours per week (only a few examples).

Take doctors for instance. If you compared the pay between female doctors and male doctors you'd clearly be able to see a pretty massive pay gap... HOWEVER, this changes when you dig deeper.

Women, in comparison to men, are far more likely to enter low paying specialities - Hence the mighty difference in pay.

You can come across other similar circumstances, but vice versa, in schools and colleges.

So yes, the pay gap is a MYTH.

Do you still think the Gender Pay Gap exists?


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  • I think it has to do with maternity leave. A woman will be paid less in the months leading up to her leaving

    • I've researched that men work longer hours than women and that women tend to work more part time than men, which leads on to what you have said about maternity.

    • Not really there separate things. A woman can work the same job and same hours as a man, but when she is approaching maternity leave she will get a dock in pay.

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  • No, I don't. I was going to use the exact points you just mentioned. I will elaborate on what you said.

    Men are more likely to enter mathematics, science-based and engineering fields, where as women are more likely to enter social work, education and fine arts, which are far low paying professions compared to men's.

    So, of COURSE a general gender wage gap exists-Because women tend to choose occupations which pay less in the first place. But if you compare a male teacher to a female teacher, a male doctor to a female doctor, etc, there is little to no difference.

    It's just more feminist propaganda with no truth behind it.

    • Yeah, Feminists are usually all bark and no substance!

    • @Asker The biggest problem with them (and some other people), is they purposely throw out a misleading statistic to "prove" their point. Anyone with half a brain can figure out the gender wage gap myth.

      It should also be noted women make less a year because they're the ones who get pregnant AND they often have to take maternity leave for their baby (making no money during the leave, except for specific careers.)

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