He wants that except him no boy even talk to me not even as a brother, what should I do? Is he right?

He says to me to never ever befriend with any boy except him. Even if I talk to any guy as a sister but still it bothers him. He would not let me talk or befriend with any boy not even as a sister. Please help. What should I do? Is he right? Please help :( I will be so thankful to you for your most precious opinion.


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  • No he isn't. Very controlling and untrusting

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    • You need to dump him

    • Okay, thank you so much.

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  • Dump his ass

    • Means?

    • He using the same tricks cults you to brain wash people on you get out well you can

    • Thank you.

  • sounds like a troll from the middle east... .

    • No it's not troll :'(

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