Fans of Angel (Buffy spin-off), do you think that this episode does a great job of showing that bigotry is universal?

This is the episode I'm referring to:

In it Gunn's former Ghetto gang are murdering innocent demons simply for being demons even though many of them are utterly harmless. The gang just hate demons because they're demons.

I think this goes to show that blacks are not better than anyone else, they might like to be seen as the victims of bigotry but they're just as capable of being bigoted themselves.

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Anyone heard of it? Even if you haven't, if you can speak properly feel free to comment.
Anyone else have a view? (Not that anyone has expressed a view...)


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  • I think you're taking a perfectly great tv show and gas-lighting it.

    The purpose of this episode was not to show that ~black people are just as evil as everyone else~ it was a way to further address the difference between demons you kill, demons you ally with, and demons you let live. a big part of this show was to show the complexity of the Buffyverse and it's creatures through the lense of a demon :p

    since the lead character is a demon, the viewers often thought that it was strange that almost only vampires had some sort of character development outside of being villains, while the other demons/bad-guys are often shown to be brutes capable only of malice.

    anyone can be a bigot, yes absolutely. but the point is - that's not what the episode was really about it.

    • I mostly agree with you. Nonetheless the episode did a good job of showing that those we see as victims are just as capable of being oppressive. The fact that blacks have been subjugated historically is just a matter of chance rather than a reflection of them being morally better.

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  • here to see what people will answer... you get me fam?