Does anyone know more bands like Thursday (minus the whiny singing)?

I'm one of the few 20 somethings that acknowledge that I was never a 90's kid but a 2000's kid.

That stupidity out of the way, I've realized how near and dear Emo music really is to me, and I've been on a hunt for good emo bands. I've rediscovered a band I used to listen to as a kid (well, a few songs), called Thursday, and it sends such a nostalgia (le tips fedora) chill down my spine that I need more.

Share your bands! Other bands that remind me of these guys are people like Alexisonfire and At the Drive In, but I proper hate the latter, so any suggestions that resemble that shite band ATDI should not be posted.

Noteworty examples of the sound:

God, I miss the period between 1999 and 2006.


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  • hmmm.. among "emo" bands (aka pop-punk) i know only Green Day and Blink-182 but i guess u know 'em already...


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