He's ending things because he doesn't want to hurt me.. was is that even supposed to mean?

We started seeing each other a few months ago but things were really confusing because he was always busy with school and work which caused a lot of problems for us. We went through lots of ups/downs and we were on and off a few times. Recently he decided to end things for good, he said he was "doing this for both of us so no one gets hurt".

I don't understand how any of this is hurting him cause he's the one choosing to walk away and not try anymore.. if he really cared he would've stuck around. Staying together would be the opposite of hurting me.

But he still wants to be "friends" and wants us to "speak often"

None of this makes sense.


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  • Ok, don't know him personally but he's sounds like a good mate. what I gather here, is that ye fellow just isn't in a position to be in a serious relationship with you right now. He's choosing to focus on school &I work right now, and he know that means less time he could put into being there for you, which you've made it clear you want more of time spent together. So for the sake of him and you and to prevent further emotional agony for you both, it's better to remain friends and call off a serious relationship right now. He wants you to remain friend because he cares, at least that's what I gather. He cares enough to want to keep you around and in his life in case things get less busy and the opportunity strikes again where maybe you too can become more once again. Don't listen to people saying there's someone else or anything like that, not saying there isn't, but until evidence. Take it as he cares enough to consider your feelings and spare you emotional agony of being with him, when he can't be there fully for you. At least that how I see it :)


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  • Your relationship was causing a strain for him and you, he clearly realized he not only didn't have the time, but the relationship wasn't worth continuing. That doesn't mean there's something wrong with you, you two just weren't meant to be. As for wanting to be friends, it can be three things:

    He doesn't want you to be out of his life.
    He is trying to soften the blow.
    He wants to keep you around in case he changes his mind/needs a booty call.

    Painful but, you have to accept it.


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  • yeah right this sounds like the classic found someone else

  • Think of the alternative... you stay together, he cheats, how do you feel then?


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