How well do you know your cars?

So i watched this a few days ago and i could not stop laughting. This blonde chick goes up to this car and the guy says it's a "Lamborhgini Mustang"... When it's obviously a Ferrari (model:430) cause you can tell by the horse and also Ford makes the mustang lol.

I feel like doing this on one of my friends who doesn't know anything about cares just for the laughts with my mustang. How well would do you know cars?


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  • I like cars and I can tell them apart, but im not an expert haha
    its waaay cooler when my friends drive me in their fast cars :D

    • that's cool! :) So what cars have you been in ;) Also what car do you drive now? :D

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    • I think he said it was from 2011. kinda looks like the batmobile haha
      yep, i Know how to drive ^^

    • oh dang, i think he as an aventadaor which is pretty cool!! does it look like this...

      Nice, do you know how to drive stick shift?

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  • I know my cars a heck of a lot better than that! I know my emblems and grills headlights and taillights and makes/models and brands.


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  • That is funny... and to have it posted on the interweb would just drive the nail home... he's trying to look like he knows a lot, but not...

  • I sometimes know my cars. I know enough to know my dream car is a McClaren.

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