Opinions on eyebrows?

So I have medium brownish blonde hair and the same color eyebrows. You can see them and they aren't messy but they just didn't look as full as I wanted them to because some of the hair is blonde, so I decided to tint them darker with dark brown hair color. I only left the color on for like 3 min instead of 30 but it still made them darker and now all of my family members keep asking me why they look darker and saying that my face looks weird, but I actually thought that it made them more prominant and look fuller. I got the idea to do it after seeing Cara Delevigne's eyebrows because hers are darker than her hair and I think they look good. So, do you think darker eyebrows help shape a face or do darker eyebrows look more full? Also, my eyebrows aren't really thick but they aren't thin either and I don't fill them in or want to.


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  • Cara deleveign eyebrows­čśŹ


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