What would YOU rate YOURSELF out of 10?

Too many of how do I look questions. I wanna know how you see yourself! Are you happy with your image? Are you a confident person? Okay go.

With my glasses on, I rated myself 5/10, with them off, I rated myself 8/10


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  • I would rate myself as a 5 I mean im okay looking but I don't think im attractive. guys approach me but only to ask me about my friends and if they are single etc. I have been told by a friend that guys don't ask me out or like me in that way is because they see me as one of the guys. Sometimes im okay with that but other times I just want to hide. people always make fun of me because im flat chested and I don't have an ass. Come to think of it I don't care, I like hanging out and being part of the guys for the simple fact that im sick of guys dumping me for my best friends. I don't really see why people want to be a 10/10 some of them turn out to be cunts because they are so up themselves.
    well that's why I rate myself as a 5.
    Peace im out.

    • Totally get it. But honestly, your pretty in your picture. There is something wrong with those guys lol

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    • That canyon hippie blood should help u out

    • Yeah not sure what you mean but I was raised just in the hills and canyon and stuff but I still consider myself a Valley Girl at heart or both a Valley Girl and a Canyon Girl I guess

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