Am I crazy, or is this possible?

I still have my iphone 4, and I can not afford a new smart phone yet. However I feel as if My phones storage compasity is getting smaller. It is a 6 G. I did everything I can to get space for apps. But I can hold less and less apps on my phone. I deleted all my photos, all my music. I reset my phone. I deleted my email to. The apps I am using do not take up much space. Not maybe 200 mb at most. And I only have 3 now. I am sick of this. I feel like soon I am not going to have any space for apps. And I do not know where all the storage went since I looked at the usage, and it just does not as up. The largest thin is 200 mb, and I hardly have anything in the usage. What is going on?


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  • What's taking up all the space? It's the damn IOS, with every new release it gets larger and larger. If you have Verizon, you can go on edge without paying for the actually phone up front. After owning the iPhone 6, I definitely can't go back to the later models they're way too small.


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  • Is it your internal storage thats getting full?
    My phone gets filled with random shit from using the internet. try clearing the cache on the apps you have and the preinstalled ones that are already on the phone.
    if it doesn't work go to your phone providers store or call them and they can factory reset.


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  • Find a boyfriend and he'll buy you a new phone. Simple. And yes newer phones have 32gb and higher my galaxy s6 is 64gb

    • I do have a boyfriend who is saving up, but it is frustrating to wait.

    • You can pay off a phone monthly if you do it that way what's $30-$49 a month?

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  • Get a new phone. A samsung phone or the iphone 5 and up. Assuming u r on budget