How many guys do you think feel like the guy in the song on GAG?

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  • Some of them, duh!!!
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  • No man thinks that... Bwahaha. I'm such a liar. :D
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  • personally never felt like dat... after all i don't think most gals care about money despite wot many guys claim. it's sad if they think this way, since this sounds like... female-phobia


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  • It is something the majority of guys will experience at some point (or if not money, otherwise being treated as a desirable resource rather than a thinking human being).

    Think how common it is for teenage girls to talk about only dating guys with cars, and how many are convinced they could get a 'sugar daddy'. That childish attitude crops up a lot even in older women.

    Overall the attitude and fear of it are about as common as the standard female fears of men only looking for sex or a surogate mother.

    • It wasn't common for us to talk about a guy with cars when I was growing up. It was if he was attractive and of course stable.

  • I don`t think any guy wants to be a sucker to a golddigger unless its just all for fun aka prostitution

  • This implies that the girl is actually chasing after the guy and that the guy is turning the girl down. So the best answer is C. I'm pretty most of the guys are chasing after the girls on here.

    • I think most still feel that women are seeking their money and nothing else. That was the point of my question.

    • Based on all the polls, the impression I got from GAG was that men think women only want money, but are mistaken.

  • lol... only my rich male friends (like 2 of them) have this complaint.

    • Which is why I propose to many women not to date them. I wouldn't want to be with a guy who thinks that most women are likely to go after his wallet and rich men tend to think that way. They're also overrated in my opinion.

  • I don't know about money but a lot of my girlfriends saw me as the solution to their problems, financial, practical and personal. Like I was a useful object to acquire.

    • You shouldn't be objectified like that.

    • Maybe, but that's the way most people are. The objectification I didn't mind, it's how it made them behave that annoyed me. They would try to control me and I wasn't having that.

  • video looks stupid so no thanks

    • Your comment was stupid. The point of the question wasn't to listen to the video because the title of it clearly states the point of the question.

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