Could you cut a promo, on the spot?

I realize not all of you are in advertising so you might not know HOW to promote but, if you were given the opportunity to promote something, could you do it? I mean like really promote it WELL.

On this weeks episode of Tough Enough, the romance that's starting to brew between Tanner and Chelsea, she wanted him to try a promo on her bikini in the hot tub. He failed miserably. She's just trying to bring out his personality, because he wins all the competitions and is really buff but, has no character AT ALL. He's shy

Just for grins, GUYS do you think you could cut a promo on a girls bikini, knowing you're a bit in to her, on the spot like that?


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  • I would sooner attend a hoedown

  • Yes I could I have all the gear and a pro video editing suite so bring it on