What is your favourite quote/poem/GIF/ song from a fellow GAGer?

Thanks :-)


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  • ☻Quote :-

    "In this world there will always be ignorant people, the best I can hope for is to embarrass them for their ignorance."
    -By (I don't want to mention her username because she's so shy)
    Fun fact: I used this quote in one of your questions & I got MHO lol.

    ☻Poem :-

    There are a lot from many GAGers especially from @Aizou He's expert.



    By @Klaatu51

    ☻Song :-

    as I walk through the valley of the shadow of GaG I take a look at my followers and realise there's none left
    'cause I've been postin' and votin' so long, even the mods think that my mind is gone
    but I ain't never crossed a anon that didn't deserve it, me be treated like a punk you know that's unheard of
    you better watch how you're postin' or you and your homies might get a down vote

    Been spending most their lives, living in the gagster's paradise
    Keep spending most our lives, living in the gagster's paradise

    I'm level 3 now, but will I live to see level 4 ? The way things are going I don't know
    Points and the xper, xper and the points, Minute after minute, hour after hour, Everybody's posting, but half of them ain't reading

    Been spending most their lives, living in the gagster's paradise
    Keep spending most our lives, living in the gagster's paradise

    Tell me why are we so blind to see?


    By @DoomGuy

    • ah thanks :)

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    • @ YourFutureEx I've tagged you in bro

      @ Pingju maybe I'm psychic without even knowing it. I'm sorry about your dog. . . in the end the dog was sacrificed to save us all

    • The writer is a ghost. It has been on here for years. It is here daily mainly as an eavesdropper and observer and it has stopped posting on GAG since beginning of this year. Who knows he might be watching you since your footsteps are found everywhere on GAG?

      @DoomGuy Any bad news for us today? ; (
      The dog was sacrificed to save us all? O_o You and YourFututeex always talk so cute.

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  • i lke @doomguy 's gif

    about quotes and poems i cannot tell since i'm not a big fan of 'em... and songs... i'd go wid @cuteguy222 's rap song when he wanted to make an effort of makin a classic rap album dat will remain in history

    • Klaatu, you don't get enough love on here man. All you got is haters that hate. It's virtual hug time man

      *DooMguy sent you a virtual hug. . . do you accept?*

      Also me and mist will keep spamming gifs until the day we die

    • accept... but i don't think i've got many haters LOL

    • @doomguy

  • I enjoy the poems of two gaggers on here, and of course mistnigqa808(s) memes and gifs.

  • @Ren-riven

    "if you ask a dumb question, you can expect a dumb answer"


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  • a poem @phoenix98 wrote for me =]

  • So many quotes!
    But I can't scroll down to find them :p
    Here is a recent one though.

    It's by an anon.

    "I wouldn't go into my favorite bbq rib place just to smell it if I was on a diet, that's just cray."

    I found it hilarious. :D

  • Mist made me a goat meme that i loved.

    • : ) Can share the goat meme here? I love goats too. Thanks.

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