Guys, if a girl is posting pics /videos of herself having fun?

Would you think its just to show you?

You know she likes you but ignoring you lately..

  • No unless it's indirect
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Most Helpful Guy

  • She's having fun and it's a good tiding that's about it :) Now unless a guy either has misconceptions or is full of himself or is judgmental or is attracted to her he won't think that she's doing it to show him

    • Thank you, young lady for your kind and generous gesture of selecting my opinion the MH :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • So because she's posting stuff for her entire network to see, she's assuming that I'd understand that she's posting it for me? What the hell kind of backwards ass logic is that?

    I would have no idea. I'd just assume she wasn't interested in me if she's ignoring me and posting pics.

    • Yeah exactly , my so called friend says I'm doing to show

  • If she's posting them online for everyone to see, no. If she sends it to me and only me then yes


What Girls Said 2

  • To assume that, I would have to believe that people in my life have nothing in their lives but me. I'm many things, darling, but a narcissist is not one of them.

  • Yep - because a lot of girls do that + depends on the photos - but it's pretty easy to tell - if she's looking really great and showing off some part of her body or is in pictures with a guy...
    It's clear.

    • How so? When its posted for everyone online to see.

    • If you had something with that person - and you had a fight or something - but if not then I wouldn't assume that...