What do you think of the 100days 100 nights gang deal in L. A?

If you don't know what this is I'll explain. In LA California a gang member was killed , so after this two gangs made a bet to see how many people they could kill within 100 days and 100 nights. They are trying to see who could get too 100 kills the fastest. I personally believe it's sick and it's going to turn LA into a war zone. It will be senseless deaths , and yes they will also kill children. It's completely random people being killed and thus far there is not much media coverage. But it's terrifying none the less to be living in LA rn. What are your thoughts?


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  • There bluffing if the want to kill 100 people all you do if get 10 guys walk in covering all exits at a Walmart and everybody kill 10 guys and really even if they did want to do this why would they let the cops know what they are planning

    • They didn't. People found out because they are stupid and want to rave about it. And they aren't bluffing 27 people have been shot within the last week. 6 or more are dead , I know someone's who's close friends died already. But what can the police do really. It's all random. They can't sit at every corner at every block waiting for something to happen. It's not possible.

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    • I can totally agree with that. I honestly want them to send the military in. But I don't know if our government will actually do that. It would be the smart thing to do but risky in such a heavily populate area. And yes everyone of them can be sent to the moon for all I care.

    • That why I siad send the SEALs if they had been caught when they went in to kill bin ladin what they did could have been called a act of war and there helicopters could have been shot down so I'm sure capuring a few gang bangers and shipping them to guantonamo bay with no collateral damage couldn't be that hard

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  • I don't live in la so I don't see the problem


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