Do you want to see this movie in next year March 25 / 2016 ?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice released in next year March 25 / 2016 , Would you go to the cinema to watch it?

Do you want to see this movie in next year March 25 / 2016 ?<br />

Henry Cavill As Superman , Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck AS Batman


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  • Weird how most people say batman can beat everyone... since he knows everyone's weakness even though he TECHNICALLY has no super powers. But Batman vs. Superman is actually a hard call for me... get some kryptonite and superman is fucked XD, but just kicked batman or something and he's dead sooooo it's kinda just stupid in all honesty.

    • LMAO, Your opinion very funny, If you answer early, You will be the MHO, But actually BatMan Is the best in the Justice League, You love super heros?

    • Of course I do I love everything Marvel and anime and like everything XD lol
      do you love super heros?

    • And thank you for saying this was funny :p
      I like going to the conventions and stuff it's tons
      of funny Dragoncon is my fav even though I've never
      been... and it happens every fricking July like 40 minutes
      away from my house

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  • Batman should win but superman will probably win. He's the most op character of any genre. Did you see the death battle with goku?

    • Yeah , I have seen that, But that's fake, Superman won't lost to a Janpanese shit character

  • That's not even fair. Batman doesn't have any powers.

  • Chuck Noris vs Liam Neeson - The final Battle.

  • That looks so stupid

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