How do I recover repressed memories?

When I was fairly young, a friend molested and bullied me. A few years ago, I remembered a glimpse of the event. Since then, I feel safer when I'm around guys, and I prefer them over girls to be my friends. I don't like being touched; it could be almost anything that makes me feel extremely uncomfortable - whether it's a hand on my shoulder or someone poking me in the sides.
However, I'm usually a good judge of character, because with the few people I feel can be trusted, I'm very affectionate. Now that I'm an adult, I wonder if there are more repressed memories of the abuse during my childhood. How do I recover the rest of the memories?


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  • I'd recommend treating the symptoms rather than trying to recall repressed memories. It's a pretty sketchy science and hasn't been confirmed to be accurate. However, treating current reactions to stimulus and thoughts is proven to be very effective.


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  • Your mind remressed them for a resion and I have seen what being molested as I kid does to a girl that remembers it so maby try hypnosis but I doubt it will work and be sure it's really what you want first

    • I want to remember them so I can begin to accept it and move on with my life. Sometimes, I dread the moment I'lll tell my future husband about it, because I'm afraid he'll react the same way others would, and claim that "it's all in my head," or I seek attention. I can't explain it, but I know that something else happened to me, and for some reason, I'm a bit frustrated these memories haven't resurfaced yet.

    • Do you have a guy trust completely

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  • There are some essential oils that would help bring the subconscious memories to surface. Young living has those essential oil blends that would help. The alternative option is to go to a hypnotherapist to help you recover the memories.

    • I work with kids, and whenever I smell cigarette smoke lingering on their clothes, I do recall my friend's parents were heavy smokers. I think that may trigger some memories. I'll do some research about hypnotism and see if that might help. Thanks!

  • Hypnosis could help.