Catcalling is for pussies?

Wow I was shocked when I saw how much catcalling girls have, literally guys you should be ashamed of yourself.


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  • Thank you! catcalling guys are all perverted pussies.

    • I didn't know that there's are so many pussies out there.

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  • This is so obviously some feminist on a guys account...

    Yes catcalling is pretty fucking low, I mean, i work in construction and my colleagues (As stereotypical as this is) whistle and shit when girls walk past, and i'll be the one getting called a bitch and pussy for telling them thats not right to do haha.

    • Feminist what? But it's not right...

    • Is this new trend to say or what? I'm looking from girl's point and it's totally stupid, yes if you have balls go to her approach her! Not whistle or catcall like an idiot, that's what pussies do :)

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