How do you message a girl you like on Facebook?

I've known her for a long time and have become reasonably good friends with her. But recently I've started to like her more than that. I've never really messaged her online before, just in person


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  • you already know her for a long time.. so just say hi.. and how is she..

    • I'm not sure if she'll think it's bizarre that I'm randomly messaging her though

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  • Don't do this ! With friend we call that pussy call. Do it in person talk in person and 10x better to ask her in person.


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  • Open up the chat,
    type in your message,
    click "enter" on your keyboard,
    or manually drag your mouse to the "send" button until it hovers over it, then click on it.

    • My fear is that it'll seem out of nowhere and she may become suspicious

    • Oh no... the horror. Suspicious of what? That you want to get to know her? Terrifying.

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  • How do you message someone in person?

    • Pause and then go to Friends, then Add Contact, and type in their social security number. Then go back to Friends, right click their name, and click Message.

    • She does most of the talking, I sit and listen. Occasionally asking questions... damn you do the same online, don't you?