Did you know the Caribbean has one of the highest murder rates in the World?

funny to think when we think Caribbean we think paradise, sun, sea but places in Jamaica, Trinidad and St Kitts and stuff got serious crime problem


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  • #1 Aleppo, Syria
    A city under siege. Citizens are crossing from Aleepo – Syria’s economic hub – to Turkey in exodus fashion, as protests between citizens and government has erupted into an all out civil war. After three years of food and fuel shortages, along with governmental tactics of systematically dropping explosive barrels and chemical weapons on civilian areas, Syria has become unlivable. Since the new year, attacks continue to escalate killing citizens by the hundreds. Power and water is cut, trash piles up spreading disease. Over 100,000 civilians have fled the front lines of a genocidal regime, even risking a feared bridge targeted by snipers, to cross into Turkey. A 26 year old refuge names Sobhi describes it best, “It’s an entirely empty city — a city of ghosts. If you went there, you would be scared to even cross the street

    #2 San Pedro Sula, Honduras
    For the third consecutive year, San Pedro Sula in Honduras is the murder capital of the world, where random criminal violence took the lives of 1,411 citizens last year in a city of 752,990. As a nation, Honduras averages 20 reported murders a day. Experts say Mexico’s offense against drug cartels and the U. S. deportation of criminal immigrants pushes the problem south and due to Honduras’ convenient location, most activity has come to centralize here.

    #3 Caracas, Venezuela
    Violence and governmental protest continue to increase along with inflation and crime since the passing of Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, on March 5, 2013. Protestors flood the streets of Venezuelan capital, Caracas, almost daily. Numerous youth have resided to either engage in violent protest or have given up on the country, taking opportunities to study abroad in an attempt to trampoline out of the country as its living conditions have been described by citizens as “impossible.” A coup d’etat has been deemed imminent

    • venezula is like a few miles away from trinidad tho, aka the drug shipment point of south america an the rest of the world

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  • So has Iraq , Syria , Tunisia an Libya don't forget crime is high everywhere these days.


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  • Of course what do you thinks gonna happen when you bring people imay with more cash in there pockets then the locals make in a year


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