How to kill the time on a 9 hour ship travel?

Some things I will be doing is play tichu with my family, do some graffiti (on the paper ofc :) ), generally sketch, i might chat with my pals and maybe get some sleep. What else is there to do?


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  • Is it a cruise ship? Then talk to people. When appropriate of course. Most people are too closed off from the outside world these days.

  • You can try to talk to some random girls :D

    • I thought about that. If i find an interesting girl. But Im kind of shy... i have never talked to an unknown girl. Especially when her parents might be nearby lol

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    • I always catch girls looking at me.. some of them smiling. But I cannot find the balls and go talk to them...

    • You can comment about something that's going on or about the trip itself, this ain't a problem. And being with their parents is a possibility, not an absolute fact. Perhaps they'll be "hanging out" in the ship alone for a while or with friends. Come on, let's be optimistic ;)

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