How to change others' opinions on me?

Most of the people in my area think that I'm asocial (which is true because of the fact that I try to connect with people but they are ignoring me). They see me as a quiet person that doesn't care about anything. And I don't know what else they think. The truth is that I care a lot. I'm not the person they think I am. I'm shy but I try to socialize whenever I can but they are ignoring me almost every time just because I act shy. Like if I am shy how can I socialize with people if they are ignoring me because I'm shy? And I can't make a good impression to people too. It's like when I meet a new person or even someone I know (but we are not friends) I say every single bullsh*t that I know. I just can't control what I say. If I don't talk they don't talk with me too. But even when I speak they start to ignore me because of my meaningless talking. But I'm not that person. I'm getting nervous around others and I don't know how to stop that. I feel like when I'm with other people I forget everything and I look weird. If you have any ideas that would help me with my situation, feel free to comment.


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  • Didn't even read the whole just from the title all I gotta say is why do you even give a fuck about what people think fuck them


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