Was my Mom in the wrong?

When my Mom was young she caught her friend's Wife cheating while her Husband was away, so she told to him when he came back. What happened that after he came back he beat the **** out of her and my Mom and her Brother were sitting in the Living Room next door watching TV.

She told me it was that bad that she heard her screaming, and her Brother wanted to stop him but she stopped him from doing so. Apparently she needed to be taught a lesson and she never cheated on him since then. What do you think?

This happened 14 years ago by the way


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  • This is one of those cases were two wrongs don't make it right. Cheating is a pretty shitty thing to do but to beat the shit out of her isn't right either. Your mom wasn't wrong telling him about his cheating wife but it was wrong to not let the brother stop it. I think your mom feels guilty and it probably still haunts her still today. She clearly still thinks about even to this day.

    • @jacquesvol Since you had the decency to block me, here is my response. Well since i used to play with their Daughter, i know they are still together to this day. She was given the option by her Husband when he gave her the beating but she decided to stay, she came from a poor family so i can't blame her.

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  • Beating up a woman, great approach to Stone Age life.

    • I don't think it's bad to beat up a Woman, if you do then you are a sexist Feminist or a man who was brainwashed by Feminists.

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    • I hope she left that idiot.

    • Hmm nope. The only Hoax here is YOU with your Feminist views. Go to bed Grandpa, your time has passed.